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Entercheck documentation

Streamline Your Business Client Onboarding Experience


Entercheck is designed to simplify, expedite, and secure the process of opening business customer accounts. While traditional methods of onboarding companies can be slow and laborious, Entercheck addresses this challenge by consolidating all the required information and automatically assessing it. This solution is especially valuable for companies that primarily serve the B2B segment, facilitating a more efficient and effective customer onboarding experience.

Key Features

Prefill Company Details

Integrate our capabilities into your existing forms and workflows for requesting a quote or opening a customer account online. If customers engage directly with sellers, sellers can easily input customer information into the Entercheck portal. In both cases, customers no longer need to remember their business ID or e-invoice address. Entercheck will retrieve the necessary information from commercial registers. This greatly reduces the possibility of errors and eliminates unnecessary friction in the sales process.

Entercheck verifies backgrounds and protects against fraud

All the necessary information for assessment is automatically retrieved and processed in Entercheck's background system. Regardless of the company's size or category, a high-level representation authority check and risk analysis are conducted based on the criteria defined by the seller. Strong electronic identification of individuals is performed when necessary. This allows, for example, making credit decisions without expert assistance and enabling immediate agreement on payment terms.

Real-time decision making

The customer analysis is at your disposal as soon as the customer has completed the registration form. The information is visible in the Entercheck portal and can also be automatically transferred to the seller's own system through an interface. The efficiency of managing customer relationships significantly improves when the data input and verification between different systems are automated.