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Portal URLs

Entercheck production portal is available at

Entercheck test portal is available at


Login to the portal with your credentials. It is important to note that all users should use their own personal credentials. It is highly discouraged to share the same credentials across the organization.

User Management

Admin can manage users at the organization page. Make sure to only provide access to authorized individuals.


API Usage

The same credentials used to login to the portal can also be used to access the APIs. However, it is recommended to limit machine usage to a specific user.

For instance, if you have a user called my-company-api-user, it is advisable to use this specific user's credentials for all API calls. This approach will help accurately identify and track the actions performed by this user in the audit logs.

Within the portal, you will find a navigation menu on the left side of the screen. Here is a brief overview of the relevant sections:

  • Companies: In this section, you can create, list, and view companies. Additionally, you can retrieve additional data and decisions using the company page.

  • Persons: This section lists the company representatives. You can use it to view their information and make changes to their representative status.

  • Results: The results section lists the decisions. By clicking on a decision, you can access the detailed information about it.

  • Dashboard: The dashboard provides statistics about the portal's usage. It offers insights into various metrics.

  • Settings: In the settings section, you can manage organization users and view organization settings.

These sections will help you navigate through the portal and access the different functionalities and information available.