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Retrieve Company Details

After locating a company through the typeahead search, the next step is to retrieve more detailed information about the selected organization. This step ensures the accuracy of the company's information. It allows confirmation that the correct business entity has been identified prior to moving forward with the onboarding process or any related activities.

Using the Portal

You can utilize the same search interface for company retrieval in our portal. For a practical example, see the Create New Company page.

Retrieving the Details

Once a company is selected from the dropdown menu that appears during the typeahead search, you can fetch detailed information about the company. The API will return a JSON object containing various data points, such as the company's legal name, addresses, contact information, business line details, and registration statuses in various public registers.

This information can be used to prefill relevant fields in your form that the end-user was required to manually enter otherwise. Prefilling these fields saves time and ensures accuracy by using verified data.

The data provided includes but is not limited to:

  • Company Identification numbers (Business ID, VAT number)
  • Official company name
  • Postal and visiting addresses
  • Contact details (phone, email)
  • Web domain and site information
  • Legal form and business line
  • Established date
  • Register entries and their statuses
Saving the Company

Retrieving company details will not store the company into the system

Next Steps

Once the correct company is identified, it is time to verify whether the company meets the basic requirements to become a business partner. This includes verifying if the company is currently engaged in active business operations or if it has ceased to exist.